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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unity in Christ

Lately I've seen a lot of backbiting and nit-picking amongst Christian ministries reaching out to Mormons, with some ministries constantly attacking and criticizing others, often with incorrect information or outright lies.

This is hard for me to see, as it enforced the Mormon impression that Christians are always in complete disagreement. This is not true, and the Christians or those who claim to be Christian who don't show a united front in the important things are standing as a barrier to those who might otherwise come to Christ.

One of the major things that has been up for much debate is the Moroni 8:18 ministry. Moroni 8:18 states that God doesn't change, which is a belief that is consistent with the Bible but that Mormons don't really believe anymore, since LDS doctrine is now that God was once a man and is progressing in knowledge. I can understand both sides of why someone may or may not want to use this method--someone who uses it can use Mormons their own scriptures to show them how the religion used to be more Biblical, but no longer agrees with itself. Others might not use it because they don't want to show any support towards Mormon scripture. There are likely a myriad of reasons behind both views, and both views are fine.

However, backbiting, hot public debates, public criticism, etc., between Christians over a method of ministry is not fine. Its okay for someone to state publicly that they personally do not want to use this method for their own reasons, but divisions are a sign of not walking in the Spirit. Causing division is a bad fruit. Those who are causing these divisions, over this and other issues, just need to stop. It is not of God to publically fight this way, especially in front of people who we are trying to bring to Christ.


We don't have to agree on methods to all share the same message. Like a pastor I once had said:

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