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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Once Was Blind...

I've been hearing so much from Mormons lately, some whom I know personally and some who I don't, about how I should leave off, about how I should never speak against the church but should sit silent in my knowledge, about how I don't really have the truth because I'm not taking all things from the church (which pre-supposes that the church is true and unbiased), etc.

It seems rather like the blind are trying to make those who can see blind too, because they think they can see even though they refuse to look. To quote a famous song, I once was blind, but now I see.

I'm not going to stop until and unless God puts it on my heart that I need to stop and move on to something other than ministering to Mormons. Quite simply, only God and my husband really influence my major choices in what I need to do in life and why, and neither of them are telling me to quit.

Just because it is a religion does not mean that truth should not be told, that lies should not be exposed, or that I should cater to the opinions of those who don't agree.

Many arguments I've heard are illogical and, when turned back on the person making them, do not work. For instance--"I don't appreciate you saying my church is wrong. You should leave it alone. Maybe we're wrong, but we're happy, so leave us to it," to closely quote one person. Yet I'm sure she has had and will have many family members leave for missions to knock on doors and tell people, "Our church is true, so you should join it," the implication being that the person who isn't Mormon isn't in a true church. How is what I do any worse than that?

Or another one--"You aren't telling the whole truth because you're not using the only two church-made LDS websites (lds.org and mormon.org)." Since when does a potentially-biased religious website contain the only and whole truth about that religion? I wouldn't expect the Catholic church to put up everything about the darker parts of their pasts and the sins of their popes, or give an objective history of their religion because not everything would be cast in a good light. Yet it doesn't mean that sources outside of the Catholic church itself are wrong about the history of the Catholic church. Not only that, since when did the LDS go only to Christian sources to prove Christianity is incomplete? They can't, because it wouldn't work--they simply wouldn't be able to prove it.

I know this blog and my last have maybe been a little more along the line of rants and have maybe sounded frustrated. This one probably does, even if the last didn't. I think I get frustrated because I would love so much for these good, intelligent people to come to know God the way I do. Its so frustrating to see them using illogical arguments and criticizing/arguing with those who speak the truth of God, when they could be seeking truth and knowledge for themselves.

Lord, I pray today that you will soften hearts and open minds to receive truth and knowledge. I pray that you will help these people come to know you, because you say that you love all and wish none to stray from you. You say that you rejoice over one lost sheep being returned to you. Lord, these people are lost sheep. They want to love you, but they don't really know you. You say you are mighty to save, and I know your words are truth. Father God, strengthen those who fight for your cause in the face of the onslaught. Give them the strength to stand, the power to rise, the humility to speak in love, the  long-suffering to show truth to those who are sincerely seeking, the ability to be bold in the face of those who have chosen to live in their blindness, and the ability to say what is right to those that need to hear it, and the patience to do all this in your time and to let you do the work within the people who hear your truth. In Jesus' name, amen.

Are you blind to truth?

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