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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Poor and the Needy

What is it with all these people who say, "Oh, I'm a Christian!" and don't act like it once they get home from church on Sundays? Sure, maybe you do actually believe in Christ, when you stop to think about it. But what sort of impression are you making on people, especially people who don't believe in Christianity?

You can say, "Yeah, I'm a Christian," to someone who isn't, but what are they going to think about being a Christian when you're not willing to give of yourself for anything? When you then scream at your kids constantly or you're going through your third divorce because you aren't willing to allow change in your life or put in the necessary work? When you won't give to people who are in far more need more than you have ever been in? Or worse, when you have been in that much need and you're not anymore and you won't help someone else get out of it? There's so many ways to give and to show love in our lives, and people are so unwilling to put even twenty dollars to something that isn't either mandatory or for themselves.

Christians in the early church amazed people because of the love and generosity that they showed people in a world where most people thought that people who were suffering or  in need were experiencing the will of the gods and no amount of help, love, or generosity would change that. Imagine how it would be to see a starving beggar sitting at the same gate all your life, walking past him every day without caring because you thought he'd done something to deserve it, and then a Christian comes along and shows him compassion and brings him in to their circle to help find viable work for him! And more surprisingly, the Christians succeed in helping him!

Why aren't we like that anymore? How can we call ourselves followers of Christ and then close our minds to the wonders of God's world, including His own creations? Why aren't we showing love to people all around us? Wouldn't we, and in extension our beliefs, be more appealing to people if we did what our holy book says to do!?

It doesn't take a lot. A few hours at a shelter, a small amount of money every month, whatever it is. We don't have to be daunted by the amount of people that need to be helped and the amount of things that need to be done. If every Christian helped within their individual means, we'd make such a difference, and I just wish that would happen. My pastor said it well, though: "Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone." It doesn't take much.

And for someone who might read this blog who isn't a Christian, whether you have faith in another religion or not: why aren't you doing good for others? What would you have to lose? It feels good to help others in a different way than doing something for yourself feels good. Its certainly something you'd never regret.

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